The Royal Crest Room

The Royal Crest Room

The Royal Crest Room: A Dream Venue for Unforgettable Moments”Nestled in the heart of Central Florida. The Royal Crest Room stands tall as one of the most sought-after wedding and event venues in the region. Its rich history, lush landscapes, and stunning facilities make it the perfect backdrop for a myriad of celebrations. From weddings and Quinceañeras to Sweet 16s and intimate gatherings, this premier venue offers a picturesque setting that goes beyond the ordinary.

Upon arriving at this wedding it’s just a magical place.  You walk in to beautiful wood walls and trophies from PGA golfers champions past.  As you enter the ballroom the high ceilings and long center table is the center piece for your event.  The lights are low and the shadows are amazing. It made the bride entering in her white gown look a princess as she was the only one in the room against the dark walls and dim lights.  This is the place dream weddings are made of. As a Photo Booth company we were over the moon being included for a night of love and fun in one room!

The Historic Charm: Situated on a property that once served as a sugar plantation in the late 1800s, The Royal Crest Room exudes historic charm. The 400 acres of lush grounds feature a grand stone bridge, a waterfall bridge, authentic British phone booths, Southern-charm aged oak trees, beautiful flowers, perfectly manicured lawns, and the enchanting Heart Lake. This venue is a haven for those seeking a fairytale setting for their special occasions.

The White Ballroom and Magnolia Garden: The crown jewel of The Royal Crest Room is its elegant White Ballroom and the exquisite outdoor ceremony location, Magnolia Garden. These spaces offer a seamless blend of sophistication and natural beauty. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by the grandeur of a stone bridge, or dancing the night away in a beautifully adorned ballroom. The possibilities for creating timeless memories are endless.

A Photographer’s Paradise: For couples seeking a venue with unparalleled photo opportunities, The Royal Crest Room is a dream come true. From the iconic stone bridges to the authentic British phone booths, every corner of this venue provides a unique backdrop for capturing forever moments. The picturesque landscapes, including Heart Lake and Southern-charm aged oak trees, ensure that every photograph tells a story of romance and enchantment.

Specializing in Weddings: It’s no secret – The Royal Crest Room specializes in weddings. The venue provides an all-in-one experience, with both ceremony and reception held in one enchanting place. Located conveniently close to Disney World, it becomes an ideal destination for not only the couple but also their guests. The venue even offers a transportation stipend for guest shuttles, adding a touch of convenience for everyone involved.

Whether Central Florida is home or a destination wedding dream, The Royal Crest Room caters to every couple’s needs. The venue has been the choice for hundreds of happy couples, offering not just a stunning backdrop but also outstanding service, exquisite cuisine, and tremendous value. The all-inclusive packages ensure that couples can have their dream wedding without compromising on quality.

Quinceañeras and Sweet 16s: Beyond weddings, The Royal Crest Room embraces the traditions and celebrations of Quinceañeras and Sweet 16s. Turning that significant age is a momentous occasion, and the venue takes pride in being part of these celebrations. Event Managers work closely with families to tailor custom menus and create the perfect setting for these young milestones. The venue’s picturesque landscapes provide the ideal backdrop for capturing the joy and creativity of these celebrations.

Versatile Venue for All Occasions: While weddings and milestone birthdays are a highlight, The Royal Crest Room caters to a wide range of events. Whether it’s a small intimate gathering or a large fancy affair, indoor or outdoor, daytime or nighttime, this venue accommodates all. A growing trend is the Celebration of Life events, where the venue’s comfortable, cheery, and elegant setting becomes a place to remember and honor a loved one. The Events Managers understand the sensitivity of these occasions and are ready to assist with compassion and care.

The Royal Crest Room

Conclusion: In conclusion, The Royal Crest Room stands as a versatile and enchanting venue that goes beyond expectations. From weddings to Quinceañeras, Sweet 16s, and other special events, this venue offers more than just a picturesque setting – it provides an experience that lasts a lifetime. With dedicated Event Managers, exquisite cuisine, and a commitment to excellence, The Royal Crest Room is poised to make every celebration truly unforgettable. Let this venue be the canvas for your cherished moments, creating a story of love, joy, and togetherness that will be remembered for years to come

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