Looking for a fun and interactive way to capture memories at your event? Look no further than The Photobooth Company's Roaming Photo Booth!
Our sleek iPad Ring Roamer Booth is completely mobile and operated by our friendly and professional staff, who will engage with your guests to provide a branded and entertaining photo andGIF sharing experience. Perfect for all types of events, our Roaming Photo Booths are sure to be a hit with your guests!

About the Booth 

The Roaming Photo Booth is a new and innovative way to bring the fun of a photo booth to your guests. Unlike traditional photo booths that are fixed in one location, the Roaming Booth is mobile and can move around the room with the help of an attendant. Guests can easily take a photo and then choose to receive it via text or email. They can even upload their photos to social media using the icons available on a micro site. This is a great option for a variety of events, including corporate events, weddings, parties, and conferences. Consider adding the Roaming Booth as an extra offer to one of our other amazing products.
Let us help you take the booth to the people!

The roamer is glorious by itself but is an added bonus when combined with the DSLR Booth or any 360 Video Booth!

What you can expect from the roaming photo booth...

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