Experience a photo booth like never before with our carefully crafted list of features that go beyond just being a machine and provide a truly unique and all-encompassing experience.

Florida Photo Booth Rentals

Our sim[plest and easiest booths.  We'll drop off the booth at your event, set it up, make sure it's ready to roll and we'll come pick it up and the end of the day.  Completely digital booth (no printing).  Packed with digital props and filters to make sure your images are memorable and flawless. Guests can receive their photos, gifs and boomerangs via email or text.

Digital Booth

Drop off photo booth

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Our DSLR Booth provides high quality stunning images and prints for your event.  Out friendly and knowledgeable attendants will help you and your guests create the perfect photo, gif or boomerang.  Guests are also able to receive their photos, gifs and boomerangs via text or email.

DSLR Photo Booth

Premium quality images

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The 360 Video Booth is a 100cm platform that can hold up to 4 people.  The camera rotates around you creating an amazing quality video that everyone will obsess over.  This thing is always a hit!

360 Video Booth

Feel like a star

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Are you so cool that everyone wants to be in your 360 video?  Our overhead 360 video booth can fit up to 12 people and there's no platform to step onto.  Safe for older people or those not able to step up onto a platform so everyone can join in on the fun!

Overhead 360 Video Booth

like the one above but kicked up a notch

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This handheld booth provides a unique experience for your guests as our friendly booth attendants are able to take this to the dance floor, to guests at the tables and be sure everyone gets involved!  The Roamer is a great in addition to our other booths but can be used on it's own as well!  


we meet your guests where they're at

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Guests have the opportunity to capture their photos at the booth, which will then be incorporated into a larger mosaic, resulting in an unforgettable and visually captivating installation for your event

Mosaic Photo Booth

Piece together a perfect memory

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