Art and History Museum of Maitland

Art and History Museum of MaitlandStep into the magical world of memories captured at the Art and History Museum of Maitland, where love and nostalgia intertwine. As a cherished part of the festivities, our esteemed Photo Booth company had the honor of capturing the joy and romance of a beautiful wedding celebration.

Nestled within this historic gem, our Photo Booths immortalized precious moments against the backdrop of the Art and History Museum of Maitland. Our snapshots became cherished mementos, preserving the laughter, the love, and the heartfelt embraces shared on this special day.

Guests reveled in the enchanting surroundings, exploring the fantasy architecture and cooling off in the museums between sessions at our delightful Photo Booths.

Amidst the captivating exhibits, our booth captured the essence of the “Corpus Delicti” exhibition, immortalizing guests’ reactions as they marveled at the evocative works of Jessica Caldas. Each snapshot a testament to the emotions stirred by her artistry and advocacy.

Families delighted in the interactive displays of the Telephone Museum, and our Photo Booths were there to capture the excitement as guests tried their hand at vintage communication technology.

Against the backdrop of the historic campus, our Photo Booths became part of the timeless narrative, snapping candid moments amidst the outdoor chapel, gardens, and myriad sculptures, adding an extra layer of enchantment to an already magical setting.

Join us in reliving the magic of your special day through our captured memories, where every snapshot is a treasure trove of love and happiness at the Art and History Museum of Maitland.

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